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Safety First: Commercial Fire Door Requirements - April 2021

What Makes a Fire Door a Fire Door? Fire doors can be constructed with either wood or metal, depending on the desired function of the door. They are constructed to withstand fires for prolonged periods of time, often creating separate zones in a building to try to slow or stop the spread of a fire … Continue reading “Safety First: Commercial Fire Door Requirements”

Access Control Systems

Get a Grip on Building Security with Access Control Systems and Hardware - May 2021

What kind of door suits your access control system needs? Exterior entrances need different doors than interior doors, and certain areas have requirements that go along with them, such as fire rating. Any questions you have about fire doors can be answered by our guide to fire doors. Main entrance doors are usually the ones … Continue reading “Get a Grip on Building Security with Access Control Systems and Hardware”

Commercial Steel Doors

10 Advantages of Commercial Steel Doors - June 2021

Steel has been used in many different ways for over 100 years. It is low-weight, high-strength, and durable enough to succeed at a variety of different roles. Sought after for its incredible resistance to physical and weather damage, steel is one of the most desired materials for security applications. Steel is an extremely popular choice … Continue reading “10 Advantages of Commercial Steel Doors”