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Why Your Door Hardware and Accessories Matter - December 2021

In the much-beloved children’s literature classic The Chronicles of Narnia, four adventurous siblings open a door and enter a new world of frozen eternal winter. But once they’re out of the safe environment of their bedrooms, they realize they’re intruders in the territory of the White Witch — where no humans are allowed. In both fantasy … Continue reading “Why Your Door Hardware and Accessories Matter”

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Mobility in Old Age Doors - December 2021

As the world keeps getting healthier, there are currently about a billion peopleworldwide who are over 60. As of 2020, for the first time in history, the number of persons aged 60 years or older outnumbered children younger than five years. Even the age of someone like Allan Karlsson is no longer a novelty. The United Nations … Continue reading “Mobility in Old Age Doors”

Ditch the Door Wedge: Here’s Why Fire Doors Must Be Unobstructed - November 2021

In facilities with high people flow such as restaurants, offices, or care homes, a closed door can be a hindrance in daily life. Especially following a hectic schedule, one might not always have a free hand to control a door. Even if they did, especially at a time when hand hygiene is a bigger priority … Continue reading “Ditch the Door Wedge: Here’s Why Fire Doors Must Be Unobstructed”

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The Lifespan of a Mechanical Lock System - November 2021

Despite the growing appetite towards digital and high-tech entrance solutions, mechanical keys and locks remain the most popular market solutions due to their durability and affordability. Especially in residential settings, they’re the most ubiquitous entrance methods and continue to record stable growth. Read more…

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4 Ways to Prevent Tailgating - October 2021

Tailgating, the passage of an unauthorized person behind authorized personnel, is one of the most common physical security breaches. Also known as “piggybacking”, tailgating often results from a random act of kindness such as holding the door to a stranger. It can be seamless and a lot less suspicious to follow an authorized person rather than … Continue reading “4 Ways to Prevent Tailgating”

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How to Plan Accessible Evacuation Routes for Office Buildings - September 2021

Emergencies and accidents can strike anyone, anytime, and anywhere, including the workplace. The United States Department of Labor includes both natural and humanmade incidents as a workplace emergency. These include floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, toxic gas releases, chemical spills, radiological accidents, explosions, civil disturbances, and workplace violence resulting in bodily harm and trauma. Depending on the … Continue reading “How to Plan Accessible Evacuation Routes for Office Buildings”


In Building Design, Hygiene Has Become As Important As Eco-Friendliness. Here’s Why. - September 2021

Over the last ten years, intelligent buildings have emerged as a crucial component of the design process. Connected and automated solutions have provided operators with greater comfort, energy efficiency, and cost savings. But the COVID-19 pandemic brought another challenge to the frontlines of the building design projects: Hygiene. Read more.  


Top 5 Access Control Trends of 2021 (and Beyond) to Watch - September 2021

After societies relied on various forms of mechanical keys for thousands of years for security, the world of access control has been benefitting from technological breakthroughs that have been rapidly transforming the industry. But from hand hygiene to crowd control, the COVID-19 pandemic heightened many of the security sensitivities — and it might be increasing the … Continue reading “Top 5 Access Control Trends of 2021 (and Beyond) to Watch”

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10 Advantages of Commercial Steel Doors - June 2021

Steel has been used in many different ways for over 100 years. It is low-weight, high-strength, and durable enough to succeed at a variety of different roles. Sought after for its incredible resistance to physical and weather damage, steel is one of the most desired materials for security applications. Steel is an extremely popular choice … Continue reading “10 Advantages of Commercial Steel Doors”

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Get a Grip on Building Security with Access Control Systems and Hardware - May 2021

What kind of door suits your access control system needs? Exterior entrances need different doors than interior doors, and certain areas have requirements that go along with them, such as fire rating. Any questions you have about fire doors can be answered by our guide to fire doors. Main entrance doors are usually the ones … Continue reading “Get a Grip on Building Security with Access Control Systems and Hardware”

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Safety First: Commercial Fire Door Requirements - April 2021

What Makes a Fire Door a Fire Door? Fire doors can be constructed with either wood or metal, depending on the desired function of the door. They are constructed to withstand fires for prolonged periods of time, often creating separate zones in a building to try to slow or stop the spread of a fire … Continue reading “Safety First: Commercial Fire Door Requirements”