10 Advantages of Commercial Steel Doors

Steel has been used in many different ways for over 100 years. It is low-weight, high-strength, and durable enough to succeed at a variety of different roles. Sought after for its incredible resistance to physical and weather damage, steel is one of the most desired materials for security applications.

Steel is an extremely popular choice among commercial property owners, but is it right for your business? We are going to take a look at some of the main advantages commercial steel doors can provide for you.

Number 1: Leading Manufacturers

North Central Supply knows that trust is an essential component of commercial security. You must be able to place your trust in the products you have installed. That is why our team of industry experts has built trust over time with the world’s foremost producers of commercial  steel doors and frames, so that you can trust their quality and reliability for your commercial application.

With our relationships with the manufacturers, we can utilize innovative production techniques to produce modern security solutions for a variety of applications. By choosing these leading manufacturers for your doors, you will benefit from our over 60 years of experience.

Number 2: Variety of Types and Applications

North Central Supply can provide a wide variety of door types, such as standard and custom frames, specialty products, and fire doors. We have a selection of energy efficient doors, safety doors, and electrified doors. This wide range of products ensures that we have a door for every purpose.

Being able to fit commercial steel doors throughout your commercial property provides the advantage of comprehensive security, ensuring peace of mind for the property owner. With our specialized products that are available, you will be able to customize your door choice to fit the requirements of your business.

Number 3: Sanitary

Steel doors, especially stainless steel, are resistant to bacteria. Because the surface of the door is smooth, it is more difficult for bacteria to cling to them versus other types of doors. In commercial settings when many people are using the same entryways, doors are a hotspot for transmitting bacteria and viruses.

One thing people learned in 2020 was how important it is for business owners to be concerned about sanitary conditions in their stores. It is the duty of the property owner to ensure safety for everyone on the premises, and stopping the spread of bacteria around your doors is a huge first step.

Number 4: Maintenance

Steel doors are very durable, and can withstand more punishment than most other doors. When doors get worn down from general use, or the weather, it is required to maintain them so they remain in good condition. Steel doors are very resistant to these types of wear and tear, allowing them to go for much longer periods of time without maintenance.

Hollow metal doors are unlikely to dent, and are resistant to cracking. Compared to other door types, even when maintenance is required, it is less expensive than their wood or aluminum counterparts.

Number 5: Security

This is the obvious advantage of steel doors. Security is one of the most important things about owning and operating a commercial property and should never be taken lightly. Steel is extremely durable, and excels in terms of strength making it a favorite choice wherever security is a top priority.

Steel doors are also very sturdy and resistant to vandalism. They can withstand abuse and are not prone to failure after heavy or long-term usage. For additional security, the hardware for a steel door can be concealed within the door itself.

Number 6: Energy Efficiency

Security and durability are not the only benefits from steel doors, they also provide a higher level of energy efficiency. Thermal performance doors can be installed to reduce carbon footprint, conserve energy, and ultimately save money.

There are a range of options for doors with a thermally efficient door core with steel commercial products, including the honeycomb core, insulated polyurethane foam core, and the insulated polystyrene foam core. The insulated polyurethane is the most efficient option, beating both wood and aluminum alternative doors.

Number 7: Sound Resistance

Along with energy efficiency, steel doors excel at sound resistance. Whether placed on the interior or the exterior, steel doors prevent the sound from outside transferring inside, and vice versa.

The doors are designed and constructed to resist sound transfer and have a good Sound Transmission Class rating that exceeds the rating of a wood or fiberglass door.

Number 8: Weather Resistance

Due to the high durability nature of steel, weather resistance is another benefit it deserves. Steel doors are great for security, but they also protect against weather. They are resistant to corrosion, and are durable enough to withstand the toughest of storms nature can throw against it.

Number 9: Long-Lasting

Commercial doors are a large investment, especially with a high security door that is designed for comprehensive protection. That’s why your investment should be long term and last for decades to come. Steel doors and frames do just that, with minimal maintenance.

Quality steel doors are expected to last up to three decades, sometimes even longer depending on the door and the conditions, without losing their integrity. Even when they do need maintenance, they can be repaired on site for ease and efficiency so that they remain sturdy throughout their lifetime.

Number 10: Customization Options

Not only are steel doors easy to maintain, strong, durable, and efficient, but they are also aesthetically customizable. With different finish options, color options, and hardware options, steel doors can pair with any commercial property with ease.

Some of these customizable options are not only aesthetically beneficial, but also very functional. Alarms can be added for greater security, kickplates can be added in order to ease the stress on the paint from people opening the door, reducing maintenance even further. Steel doors can be customized specifically for any situation and commercial application.

North Central Supply Handles Installation

It could not be easier to improve your commercial property’s security than with a premium steel door from North Central Supply. We supply and install an extensive range of commercial door types, including high-quality steel doors.

Give us a call today if you would like to take your business security to the next level with a steel door that you and your customers and employees will love.