Why Your Door Hardware and Accessories Matter

In the much-beloved children’s literature classic The Chronicles of Narnia, four adventurous siblings open a door and enter a new world of frozen eternal winter. But once they’re out of the safe environment of their bedrooms, they realize they’re intruders in the territory of the White Witch — where no humans are allowed. In both fantasy and the real world, doors symbolize a passage — as well as an authority of which person should have an access to a place. They’re vehicles to identify a safe space, privacy, and intimacy. While the consequences of a malfunctioning door might not be as severe as having to confront a vicious villain with magical powers, door hardware and accessories are linchpins to keeping safe and secure, away from intruders. Furthermore, as the first points of visual and tactile contact with a home, door hardware and accessories make a lasting impact. Hence, doors that are technologically and aesthetically out of touch with modern standards can compromise not only safety but also visual appeal. Read more here.